Yamaha PTV Accessories

Cabana Golf Bag Cover by Club Pro Products

Colors: Taupe, Black


DRIVE² Touring Seat Set

Colors: Gray, Beige, Brown, Black


Black Vinyl Seat


Black ClimaGuard Sun Top


Three-Sided Enclosure

Colors: Taupe, Black


Premium PTV Upgrade Kit


Flip Rear Facing Seat

Colors: Black, Tan
Touring Cushions Colors Available: Gray, Brown, Black, Tan


BFS Water System and Feed Tank for Trojan


Front Brush Guard


Vinyl/Suede Steering Wheel

Other Steering Wheel Options Available


Millennia MA100 Speaker/Amp

Other Speaker Options Available


Drive2 Kick Plate


DRIVE² Fender Flare Kit


Backlit Tuning Fork


Yamaha Insulated Cooler


Rubber Cart Mat


Easy-On Storage Cover

Available for both 2 and 4 passengers


Sand Bottle, Club and Ball Washer

Sold seperately


2-in-1 Combo Seats

Pricing for matching color to front seat


Madjax Rear Flip Seat


4-Passenger Retractable Seat Belt Kit


Bazooka Soundbar


10" Casino Wheel with Kenda Loadstar 205/65-10 Tire

Color Options: Black or Silver


10" 12-Spoke J-Series Alloy Wheel

Color Options: Silver, Black, Gold, Black Satin


10" 14- Spoke P-Series PTV Alloy Wheel


10" 16- Spoke V-Series PTV Alloy Wheel

Color Options: Silver, Black Machine (not shown)


12" 16-Spoke V-Series PTV Radial Alloy Wheel

Color Options: Silver, Gunmetal, Black Machine (not shown), Bronze (not shown)


10" 12-Spoke J-Series All-Terrain Alloy Wheel

Color Options: Silver, Black, Gold, Black Satin